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Top 3 Productivity Apps You Simply Should Not Miss


Here we introduce 3 very useful productivity & collaboration web-based cross platform tools/apps that will make your work life so much easier – Murl.ly, Smartsheet and Trello.


This is a new concept of collecting, sharing and delivering on the web. This web tool closely resembles Prezi but this can be seen as extra futuristic development of Prezi. Both Prezi and Mural.ly represent the same theme of sharing and collaborating ideas online. Mural.ly is introducing new concept to share and collaborate ideas online this is slight innovative compared to traditional page wise description of things online. Prezi allows people to add content like photos, text etc on a page which expands horizontally and vertically. Mural.ly made it easier allowing people to drag websites, images, contents etc on one page end create something innovative. The best thing with this tool is users can invite more people on their page to help them create more innovatively. The idea of many people working on a same space in same time produces more generous results. This tool is also available on touch devices like iPad and mobile devices.

The founder of Mural.ly founded one gaming company before so this new company has its roots in gaming and this induced innovative ideas in this concept. This is the application went well beyond its original purpose. This is not a clone of Prezi because this holds many innovative options like integration of existing websites and web applications like maps, Dropbox files, Pinterest media, wiki content etc. it can be observed that this tool is more narrative than Prezi. This was developed under the banner Google docs for visual people. This provides more convenient platform for creative people to share and discuss their ideas.

How this tool works

  1. Drag and drop your contents directly on Mural and start collaborating.
  2. All the associated users can think, imagine and create on that Mural page.
  3. Simple ways of operations and secure idea exchange.
  4. Users can create private Murals, auto saves and backup features are also available, comments and mentions helps people to interact and activity chats help to maintain constant communication with collaborated users.



Regardless of size of your business, use of spreadsheets for work management is necessary. These sheets are easy to use and are helpful in easy work management. But these traditional spreadsheets are not useful if you try to automate the work or go mobile. So, here is the concept of Smartsheet which allows you to automate your workflow, collaborate and go mobile.

Topline benefits

1)   Speedy work flow – Working in smartsheet is user friendly and speedy compared to traditional spread sheets. This can act as a great tool when it comes to project management. Creating this sheet is also very simple and can be done in many ways. It is easier to create as much as columns you want in this sheet which helps to add text field, dropdown lists, symbols etc.

2)   This is flexible and can be customized – This is one beautiful and smart application which gives enormous options for your customizations. You can customize each page with colors and logos. Navigation is quite comfortable with these sheets and you can manage them easily in a folder or a workspace.

3)   Affordability – Pricing of Smartsheet is a quite confusing because of recent price variations but the final price of these web tool is affordable and scalable. Up gradation and down gradation is very easy and can be done without any help. Anyhow, you need little help while migrating to enterprise plan from your basic plan.

4)   Simple Sharing procedure – It is easier to share a single sheet without much involvement of receiving person. Sharing and unsharing can be done one sheet at a time.

5)   Learning tools – There are lots of Smartsheet learning tool available which helps you to handle your works easily. There are live webinars, video lists and articles to help you with easy usability.

6)   Best in class customer support – Smartsheet has a top-notch customer support which cares for you. They provide a most efficient customer support by email.

7)   Integration with Google apps – These are built allowing you easily integrate with Google applications like Google Docs.

Smartsheet can be applied to any organization or business regardless of size. Anybody can use this tool as this is a sophisticated but simple to use tool.



Trello is a web based collaboration tool designed by the company named Fog Creek software. This concept provides a web based platform or a workspace where users can post their notes. Using this web-based tool is as easy as using a white board and sticking notes to it.

This can also be distributed between teams and team members can collectively work on complex projects. Trello is becoming very famous considered to other online collaboration systems because it is a best suit for visualization tasks and comes with easy operating features. An idea or a checklist can be prepared just in some keystrokes and mouse clicks. Moving cards if Trello are easy to handle and are easy to customize because of drag and drop facility. This is one simple and effective application, which includes boards, list and cards to manage your tasks. 

Trello has restricted support for tags, it includes 6 colored labels, named of these labels can be changed. These cards accept comments, checklists, polls and due dates. This web-based application has API. This is a great tool for time management and also for activity management. At present this cross platform application supports two mobile operating systems namely iOS and Android. The iPad version of Trello was released in early 2013. Trello website is designed to work on various platforms including mobiles.

If you need perfect organization of your project or simple activities, Trello is the web tool you should consider. Organizing is very fast using this tool; action is instantaneous and takes no time to learn the basics of this tool. You can use this for personal and also for collaborative purposes. It is easy to bring your team onboard with this application. Discussions, polls can be conducted online and creative ideas can be shared and developed.

Trello can be used for various purposes ranging from a simple to-do list to entire project management. This can be your everyday tool if used constructively.


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